Leading a trip to Israel is a considerable accomplishment, and its benefits are both personal and professional. Many point to the trip as the highlight of their student experience.

  • Share your passion and enthusiasm for Israel
    You will be able to create a unique, content-rich travel experience, sharing your own perspectives and experiences while offering your peers the widest possible vantage point for understanding Israel and its peoples. Personally, trip leaders find leading a trip to be tremendously rewarding and deeply meaningful.
  • Create a life-changing experience for your peers
    There is immense gratification in taking your peers on a trip that many find “life-changing.” You will be able to tailor that experience to your interests and goals while showing your peers Israel as you know it. The impact of the trip often reverberates long after participants return home.
  • Expand your network
    You will have the opportunity to connect and bond in a meaningful way with colleagues and peers; create relationships that are academic, social, and political; and possibly open the door to job opportunities.
  • Strengthen your resume with an impressive achievement
    Trip leadership is a hands-on leadership experience during which you organize and manage a project with multiple stakeholders, vendors, and a budget that exceeds $120K. It demonstrates to prospective employers who you are, what you value, and what you are capable of accomplishing, both as a leader and as a team player.