Post Trip

A successful student trek to Israel is the starting point for a lifetime connection to Israel for every participant, as well as the start of long-term friendships with other students. After the trip:

  • Debrief
    Review survey results and debrief with co-leaders and with participants. What went well? What could have gone better? What would you do differently next year? Be sure to document the learnings so future leaders can benefit. (More about surveys)
  • Celebrate
    Throw a reunion party before the end of the school year: food and drink, photograph sharing, plus a small program tying in a narrative from the trip.
  • Keep in touch
    Establish an easy way for the students to stay connected with you and one another moving forward – a Facebook or LinkedIn group, for example, and contact lists.
  • Recruit future trip leaders, speakers
    Recruit participants from this year’s trek to be next year’s trip leaders or to speak to future groups. Ensure that the legacy you helped to build will be continued and sustained.
  • Thank your funders
    Sharing thank-you notes, photos and blog posts from the trip is always appreciated. In your final thank-you email (which should include an overview of the trip highlights), connect the funder to next year’s trip leader.
  • Pass the reins
    If you know the leader for next year, pass along your learnings to them and introduce them formally to funders and itrek It’s never too early to start planning next year’s trip.
  • Pat yourself on the back
    You’ve given dozens of your classmates an experience that they will never forget in a land that you love. You should feel proud and gratified by all your hard work. Kol HaKavod (nice job)!