In a Nutshell

Standard pre- and post-trip surveys to measure impact, and customized feedback forms to assess trip specifics like activities, speakers, hotels, and meals

A successful student-led trip to Israel is a transformative learning experience. The goal is for participants’ conceptions of Israel and its peoples to become more nuanced and complex, and that a life-long personal connection to Israel will be forged as a result of having spent time there.

To assess whether the trip meet these goals, administer to all participants:

1. A standard pre-trip survey

2. A standard post-trip impact survey

In addition, to get direct feedback on specific aspect of the trip like the tour guide, speakers, meals, activities, and accommodations, administer:

3. A customized post-trip satisfaction survey

Standard pre- and post-trip impact surveys

itrek provides trip leaders with online pre- and post-trip surveys to assess the participants’ experiences.

The standard pre-trip survey gathers information about:

  • Why do these students want to go to Israel?
  • What are they most interested in learning about, seeing, and experiencing?
  • How familiar are they already with Israel?
  • What are their preconceived opinions about Israel and its peoples?

When to administer the standard pre-trip survey: The pre-trip survey measures the baseline—before participants have been to Israel or even experienced Israel-related pre-trip programming—so the earlier participants complete it, the better.

The standard post-trip survey gathers information about:

  • How much more familiar do they feel with Israel after their trip?
  • In what ways do they feel they gained knowledge, understanding, and benefited personally from the trip?
  • In what ways have their general impressions of Israel and its peoples changed; what preconceptions were challenged?
  • How satisfied are they with the trip experience?
  • How would they recommend changing the mix of activities?
  • What was their favorite part of the trip and biggest take-away?
  • Did they make connections?
  • How likely are they to return to Israel or follow up with someone they met on the trip?
  • How safe did they feel in Israel?

When to administer the standard pre-trip survey: Ask participants to complete the survey online during their final group meeting in Israel

A customized post-trip survey

 itrek can add a customized portion to the standard post-trip impact survey, if you would like, to assess the details of your trip.

The customized post-trip survey should ask participants to rate every aspect, including:

  • Venues
  • Speakers
  • Activities
  • Hotel
  • Meals
  • The tour guide
  • The trip leaders
  • The bus
  • Travel connections
  • Comments and remarks
  • Suggestions for how to improve the trip 

When to administer the detailed post-trip satisfaction survey: Ask participants to complete the survey online after the trip—but ASAP! The longer you wait, the more muddled their memories become. Put a deadline on it of no more than one week after the trip. Optionally, allot time on the last day of the trip to complete it.

What to do with survey results?

The survey results should be studied and analyzed carefully by the trip leaders. Funders might also be interested in seeing some of the most salient data. The survey results will undoubtedly suggest changes and improvements for future trips.

Be open to change and listen to what the data suggests. Let the survey results, coupled with your own experience and the qualitative data you have collected through your conversations with participants, the tour guide, and the tour provider, inform next year’s trip to make it even better.