Marketing the Trip

In a Nutshell

How to get the word out to the students you’d most like to take to Israel: marketing materials, informal outreach, and information sessions

Through formal and informal outreach, get the word out about the trip and invite interested students to apply. Your goal is to select a strong, diverse group of participants who will not only get along with each other but also enter into an active discourse about their experiences.

How much marketing?

How much marketing you need to fill the trip will vary from school to school. Less marketing may be needed where there have been previous successful trips to Israel and where there are fewer, if any, competing trips.

Strategically recruit student leaders

The trip should include some student leaders who, in turn, will draw the kinds of interested, engaged students who will benefit most from the trip. Identify and reach out informally to several students who have assumed campus leadership roles (for example active on campus, respected by peers and colleagues) and encourage them to apply.

Get out the word to the student body

There are many ways to get the word out to students at large:

  • Build buzz through word of mouth, informal coffee meetings etc.
  • Implement an e-mail campaign announcing the trip and information sessions for interested students
  • Build momentum with posters and a social media
  • Create a flyer with basic information about the trip, including:
    • General information about Israel
    • The main goals of this trip, and some of the activities that support that goal
    • An overview of the itinerary, including a map that shows how many days in each location and a few highlights
    • Basic trip information: how may participants, deadlines, trip dates, deposit required, cost, schedule of payments
    • How to get more information
    • How to apply
  • Build a basic trip web site (See an example here)
  • Set up a table on campus; hand out flyers about the trip, field questions, take names and email addresses of interested students
  • Conduct information sessions
  • Build a mailing list

Information sessions

Run one or two on-campus events to publicize the trip. The events should be fun (Middle Eastern music, food) as well as informative, a “soft sell” that creates a sense of excitement:

  • Present information about Israel and what makes this trip unique
  • Build excitement with video clips and photographs (Look in the Resources on this page to view videos to help you recruit participants)
  • Invite participants from last year’s trek to share their experiences
  • Introduce the trip leaders
  • Answer questions
  • IMPORTANT: Pass around a sign-up sheet gathering contact information for students interested in applying; you will follow up by sending them a link to the application form