Application & Selection

In a Nutshell

Creating an application form that captures key information up front and selecting a diverse, engaged group of participants

After reaching out informally and running information sessions, you should have a list of interested students. Create an online application form (e.g. a Google form) and send the link to everyone on the list.

Online application form

Your online application form should gather basic information that will help the leadership determine who would be a good fit for the trip, including:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Degree program, area of concentration
  • Year of study
  • Extracurricular interests
  • Male/Female/Other
  • Been to Israel before?
    If YES, in what capacity (Birthright, family, student, tourist)
  • Reasons for wanting to go to Israel
  • What are you most interested in learning?
  • Brief bio and resume

Select a diverse group

The leadership team should sift through the applications and select a diverse group of participants who share an openness to new experiences and an interest in learning.

The final group should include:

  • Gender balance
  • Mixed ages
  • Mixed ethnicities and religious backgrounds
  • Varied nationalities
  • Campus leaders
  • Some strong, accomplished individuals
  • People who would otherwise be unlikely to visit Israel

TIP: At a small school where “everyone knows everyone,” you may want to have a name-blind selection process. This protects the integrity and objectivity of the selection process and avoids the appearance of favoritism.

Notify applicants, collect deposits

Send an email to accepted participants. Communicate firm deadlines for:

  • Submitting a deposit to hold their spot (a week or so)
  • Completing the accepted participant questionnaire
  • Purchasing an airline ticket
  • Purchasing travel insurance
  • Signing the risk waiver

Accepted participant questionnaire

Begin now to gather and keep track of critical information from accepted participants. Send out a link to a questionnaire in a format that allows for easily recording and updating the information (like a Google Doc spreadsheet).

The questionnaire should include the following:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Emergency contact information
  • Passport information
    • Number
    • Name, as it is on the passport
    • Address, as it is on the passport
    • Nationality
    • Date of birth
    • Expiration date
    • Previous countries visited on passport
  • Deposit paid (YES/NO)
  • Airline ticket purchased (YES/NO)
    • Date purchased
    • Flight itinerary
  • Visa required (YES/NO)
    • Visa status
  • Travel insurance purchased (YES/NO)
    • Date purchased
    • Provider
  • Risk waiver signed (YES/NO)
  • Program concentration
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Roommate
    • Roommate requested
    • Roommate assigned
  • Any special travel issues
  • T-shirt size (for giveaways)
  • Up to 300 word bio
  • Photograph (head shot)

Wait list

Create a prioritized wait list of applicants who are not selected. Inform everyone not selected that they are on a wait list. If a space opens up, take new applicants from the wait list.

Inform the university

Provide the Dean of Students with detailed description of the trip, including a detailed itinerary and a list of participants who are going on the trip.