Content Focus

In a Nutshell

How to start building a unique, compelling itinerary by defining a content focus and themes

Content focus

Every trip should be unique with its own focus and themes that reflect the unique blend of trip leaders and participants.

Before you begin to plan an itinerary, take the time to:

  • Define the trip’s content focus
  • Identify 4-6 themes that will be developed during the trip

Participants’ academic programs should play a major role in shaping a trip’s content focus. For instance:

  • Public policy students might focus on exploring the political realities in Israel and Israel’s democratic institutions
  • Business students might focus on the private sectors realities in Israel
  • Law students might focus on Israel’s domestic and international law


Once you have identified the overall focus of the trip, articulate 4 to 6 themes that will play out through the itinerary. Themes give an itinerary a narrative flow and cohesion; they enable participants to develop their own sense of the larger picture from individual experiences.