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What is itrek?

itrek is a New York-based nonprofit whose mission is to build greater understanding of and appreciation for Israel among global leaders and rising leaders by encouraging and empowering them to visit the country to experience for themselves Israel’s global contributions, innovative and diverse culture, and complex reality.

itrek supports students who have expressed interest in leading their peers on a trip to Israel by providing the help they need to design and implement a memorable, fun and meaningful Israel experience. itrek targets graduate schools that have strong track records for turning out future leaders and change-makers. The current focus is leaders from top graduate schools in the fields of business, law, and public policy. To-date, the organization has supported over 140 graduate student delegations to Israel.

How can itrek help with my trip?

itrek offers both programmatic and financial support for student-led trips at target schools. itrek pairs new student trip leaders with experienced mentors, and connects trip leaders with inspiring Israeli thought leaders, innovators, and policymakers to enhance trip content. itrek also provides a variety of financial subsidies to cover trip-related costs.

Phone: 212.528.1500
Address: 1460 Broadway,  New York, NY 10036